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We’ve Moved

Hi there guys!!… We’ve moved to the new site http://letrezblog.wordpress.com

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Sammy The Shark

Sammy The Shark Living in his Miserable Aqua-storey Apartment.

Yeah! That’s what everyone in the UAE are saying except some people in a hotel named Atlantis,just because they think that they own an aquarium to compfort a  60ft Whale Shark.As far as the protest against this the whole of UAE along with Gulf News are doing a pretty good job and their campaign to “FREE Sammy The Shark” is one of a kind!

Imagine yourself tanked up in a house aquarium….ok,humans are not fish,sorry! Imagine yourself restricted from all movement in a closet just like Harry Potter! What would you do? What can you do? Use a magic wand when you can’t? This is what Sammy feels right now…living down in his Miserable Aqua-storey Apartment. Petro-dollars to mint money but no heart to feel how a whale feels.Well,so I thought how the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai was.

Be humans and have a heart people!!! FREE SAMMY THE SHARK!!!

Successful moments come with hard work.Hard work comes with strategically planned plans to fight the battle

As so I hear around all day.Many times we hate to pull up our work and get to doing it unless of course we are a second away from our deadline.The saying goes that if you are well organized life is simply written in color.Life has so many choices and so many paths to be tread on.And so we go on with organizing our day/month/even the year!

All Right….so let’s get kicky with some planing.Firstly pull out that calendar!

  1. Get Organized and keep avoid any distractions.Its just 15 minutes to you and yourself.
  2. Pull out a pen and piece of paper
  3. Scribble down all the events you have for the week(not anything related to work) Eg:Party,out to the mall,dinner at neighbor’s place,etc.
  4. Calculate the time that is wasted and calculate the time you just need to keep aside for your work.(Keep it approximate! Your not a mathematician!!!)
  5. Now this is the part where you bring all the pieces of the puzzle together

Normal Workin’ Days:

Morning Sunshine:

  • Getting out of bed between 6am-8am would be ideal so you can spend just about an hour to yourself,freshen up, have a scrumptious breakfast and get kicking for the big day ahead.

Day at work:

  • Let me assume an average’s person work time from 9am-5pm.Alright,so your back home now,and surely the best thing to do is to take a shower and relax! If music is your art,turn up your fav tracks and push your head back for half-and-hour.That makes it around 6pm.

The Blessed Evening:

  • Some tip toes before dinner: So its just sometime before you prepare a relaxing and amazing dinner,but of course there are so many thing you could do before this! If you’re planning to make a gourmet kitchen’s plats,spend all the time you need,cause flavor in food is important!(some tippies I learned from Rachel Ray)
  • So its around 6pm and your getting bored.Turn to your work! You need to complete it today and not tomorrow,simply because the ‘tomorrow’ will be a daily excuse.
  • If no work is on the table,let’s push in some nice things to do and give your health a fresh look.Take a walk around the blog and jog around the nearby park.(while I jog around blogger’s park).If nothing else is there to do,why not run down to the store and bag in some groceries for dinner?

Gourmet Food at Home:

  • All Right,so its like around 8pm-9pm and supper has to get down good.Why not cook up something realistic.Try being a chef one day,and stir up some amazing dishes using a few recipes from Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart or even Nigella Lawson.

The Good Night’s Sleep:

  • After a hard day at work and a superb supper(I’m sure) it’s time to have a night full of rest and relaxation…

Green Scented Oxygen

What enlights us more than keeping another pot in the house? Green plants.That’s what we want.Since I was a kid,plants used to catch my attention more than the times i opened my eyes.Yeah,I was a bit lazy.But then as I grew up and studied a bit about botany till Grade 10 I was well,confused. Those wonderful looks of nature right in our house.Why not keep a pot,when it actually helps us and keeps the house looking natural…rather than man-made. You’d find a green bamboo potted plant and many other sorts of domestic plants in the living room. Plants simply keep the house fresh and makes the house look clean (even when its not). Almost everywhere I go I see big houses with amazing backyards and a creative and beautiful little garden,and surely all that would be a bit overcrowed in my 2 bedoom apartment.Right? Green Scented Oxygen…that’s what I would we would need today…